Oil painting sketch

24 / 03 / 2014
Oil painting sketch from life model. About 3 hours



Two sketches from yesterday's life model session in the studio. Above a charcoal and conté drawing that took me about an hour to complete. Below, an oil painting that took me about one hour and a half with the model plus other 90 minutes of work once the model left the studio.



A different approach, more like a sketch made with oils on primed illustration board


Nexos: Narciso

Illustrations for nexos magazine, a semblance of Ezequiel Padilla, the gringo candidate. / Ilustraciones para la revista nexos, una semblanza de Ezequiel Padilla, el candidato gringo.


Letras Libres: Traducciones

Two illustrations for LetrasLibres magazine about communication, language and translations. Sketches and self taken photos for reference below.

Dos ilustraciones para LetrasLibres, acerca del lenguaje, la comunicación y traducciones. Las imágenes de abajo son mis bocetos y fotos que tomo como referencia antes de realizar la ilustración final.


Spectrum 21

These two drawing were accepted into the Spectrum 21 book, The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. Many thanks to the judges and Flesk publications. The book will be published this fall and distributed worldwide.

Graphite on paper. 27 x 40 cm.

The Flight
Graphite on paper. 40 x 32 cm.


Letras Libres: Paz

My first collaboration for Letras Libres magazine on their march issue.
"A true cosmopolitan" text by Donald Keene. Detail and preliminary sketches below.



This painting is a personal visualization of the biblical passage in 1 Kings 17:2-6, the prophet Elijah fed by ravens. Below are some of my preliminary sketches and notes. I'm working to improve my digital painting process and experimenting with this cinematic treatment and realistic drawing. Please, let me know your thoughts.


Monster close-up

Lots of work over here in the studio, but I managed to finish up this character close-up study. Now I wonder what will be in that mysterious place up there on his head.

Back to work!


The "rock biter" strikes again

New sketch of the 'Rock Biter', and this time he's really hungry! I must confess that I've been fascinated by this character for a long time. Here I wanted to make him look really immense. I may develop a close-up sketch before proceeding with colors. 


Digital painting

Digital painting in which I try to emulate my alla prima oil painting technique. About 3 hours